Tribute for private modeling time (Tribute is only for my time, so there is never an upsell!):

At my place (In any city, wherever I am hosting that day):
$600 for 1 hour
$800 for 90 minutes
$950 for 2 hours

Extended packages:

$1,300 for 3 hours 

$1,650 for 4 hours

$2,000 for 5 hours

$2,350 for 6 hours

$2,700 for 7 hours

For 8-9 hours (NOT an overnight): $2,900 total

(additional hours in the same day, after the 9th hour, are $300/hour)

-Please include a snack or meal for 3+ hour meetings. We will need to keep ​our energy up! :)

At your place (upscale hotels or doorman buildings):
Add $100 to above rate.

Duos, trios, or more: I have beautiful friends in NYC, Chicago, D.C, & San Francisco. 

Feel free to ask about them. :) I also enjoy meeting new models. 

My personal rate is the same as above when we are meeting with another model(s). Please

check the other lady's website to see what she requires for herself, & keep our tributes separate,

to avoid confusion.

I do request a 90-minute minimum for duos (or trios, or more!). An hour is too short for

double the fun!!! :) :)

Couples: Please add $200/hr

Multi-Day (2 more more days in a row):

If you get me my own room, and I have 10 hours of alone time for sleeping each night:

$2,800/day plus hotel & transportation expenses (unless I've already scheduled to be in

your city).

Fly Me to You:  Please see my Fly Me To You page for more details. :)

*Once we meet, please discreetly place tribute in clear view at beginning of session. 

Cancellation policy:

In the unfortunate event that you cancel 48 hours or less before our booked appointment,

I ask for a reasonable consideration, which can be sent anonymously.

Canceling 24-48 hours in advance: $100/hour booked

Canceling 0-24 hours in advance: 50% of the rate for the total time booked.

Hopefully this will never happen, and I get to see you as planned!! ;)

Violetta Michelle