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Violetta Michelle
(917) 708-2005 

Tribute for private modeling time (Tribute is only for my time, so there is never an upsell!):

New tribute schedule effective October 1, 2017.

If we met prior to Oct 1st, you are grandfathered at the former

tribute, until further notice. I appreciate you!!! :) :) :)

At my place (Manhattan or Chicago):
$600 for 1 hour
$800 for 90 minutes
$950 for 2 hours

Extended packages:

$1,300 for 3 hours 

$1,650 for 4 hours

$2,000 for 5 hours

$2,350 for 6 hours

$2,700 for 7 hours

For 8-10 hours (NOT an overnight): $2,800 total

Overnight, same room, up to 12 hours: $3,500

-Please include a snack or meal for 3+ hour meetings. We will need to keep

​our energy up! :)

At your place (upscale hotels or doorman buildings):
Add $100 to above rate.

Extra models: I have beautiful friends in both NYC and Chicago. Feel free to ask

about them. :) I also enjoy meeting new models. My rate is the same solo

or with another model, but I request a 90-minute minimum for 

this. An hour is too short for double the fun!!! :) :)

Overnights and Multi-Day: If we share the same room, I can only do one night, and 

it has to end by 8am.

If you get me my own room, and I have 9 hours of alone time for sleeping each night:

$2,800/day plus expenses. For more than 2 days,  I can definitely lower the daily rate.

If you are interested, just ask. :)

Fly Me to You: Same as above, plus flight and Lyft/cab expenses. Note: A booking would have to be at least 8 hours in order for me to fly out for an exclusive modeling gig.

***Please be discreet on phone and email. If you ask any explicit questions, I will no longer be able to see you. We are agreeing to time and companionship only.***

*I love men and women of all ages, height, weight, and race. What’s important is that you are 1) respectful, 2) nice, and 3) CLEAN and smelling fresh. You can use my shower if you like!

*Outfit requests are welcome. I have a lot more clothes than you see here. lol. But please make the requests BEFORE I pack and fly to NYC or Chicago. :)

*Once we meet, please discreetly place tribute in clear view at beginning of session. 

*NO DRUGS. I do not judge what people do on their own, but please do not bring drugs for your time with me.

*Please have a reference or two, a P 4 11 or R S 2K ID, and/or T R handle ready when you first contact me.

Thank you! Hope to connect with you soon.  :)

Violetta Michelle