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Violetta Michelle

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 Tribute for private modeling time (Tribute is only for my time, so there is never an upsell!):

New tribute schedule effective October 1, 2017.

If we met prior to Oct 2017, you are grandfathered at the former

tribute, until further notice. I appreciate you!!! :) :) :)

At my place (In any city, wherever I am hosting that day):
$600 for 1 hour
$800 for 90 minutes
$950 for 2 hours

Extended packages:

$1,300 for 3 hours 

$1,650 for 4 hours

$2,000 for 5 hours

$2,350 for 6 hours

$2,700 for 7 hours

For 8-10 hours (NOT an overnight): $2,800 total

(additional hours in the same day, after the 10th hour, are $280/hour)

Overnight, same room, up to 12 hours, ending by 8am: $3,500

-Please include a snack or meal for 3+ hour meetings. We will need to keep

​our energy up! :)

At your place (upscale hotels or doorman buildings):
Add $100 to above rate.

Extra models: I have beautiful friends in both NYC and Chicago. Feel free to ask

about them. :) I also enjoy meeting new models. My rate is the same solo

or with another model, but I request a 90-minute minimum for 

this. An hour is too short for double the fun!!! :) :)

Couples: Please add $200/hr

Multi-Day (2 or more days in a row)

If you get me my own room, and I have 10 hours of alone time for sleeping each night:

$2,800/day plus hotel & transportation expenses (unless I've already scheduled to be in your city).

Fly Me to You:  Please see my Fly Me To You page for more details. :)

*Once we meet, please discreetly place tribute in clear view at beginning of session. 

Cancellation policy:

In the unfortunate event that you cancel 48 hours or less before our booked appointment, I ask for a reasonable consideration, which can be sent anonymously.

Cancelling 24-48 hours in advance: $100/hour booked

Cancelling 0-24 hours in advance: 50% of the rate for the total time booked.

Hopefully this will never happen, and I get to see you as planned!! ;)

Violetta Michelle