I would to LOVE for you to fly me to you! :)

FM2Us are very customizable.

My minimum FM2U date is $2,900 plus expenses.*  How you want to "spend" the $2,900 minimum is up to you. 

To get the most out of the $2,900, we can do my 8-9 hour date. 

(FYI: My peak-energy time frame is from about 10:30am-midnight.)

Another example: We can meet for 5 hours one afternoon or

evening ($2,000) and then for 2 hours in the morning ($950).

Please check my tribute page for more info.

Note: If you only want to meet for, say, a couple hours total

during my trip to you, it's still $2,900 for my time in this case.

Two important things about me:

1) I'm not the best at mornings (before 10:30am). I can be happy and energetic

for about 2 hours very early in the morning, but then I need alone time and a nap. :)
2) I am not good at sleeping in the same room with another person. I highly prefer

to sleep in my own room. 

*Expenses: My own hotel room, flights, Lyft/Uber expenses to and from airports,

and any meals or outings we enjoy during our time together

Hotel: Five-star hotels are great, but I can also be happy in a clean 3-star place

with good reviews.

Flights: Southwest is my preferred airline, and the lowest fare works for me.

But I'm happy to fly any major airline that works best for our schedules.

(Just please no Spirit or Frontier. lol)

Deposit: If you and I have a long-established trust, I may not need a deposit.

If we have never met before, or have only met a couple times, I might just ask

for the hotel and flight expenses as deposit. This is to protect me, in case you

cancel. I will then book my hotel and flights myself.

In some cases, I will ask for an additional 25% deposit for our time. It all depends

on the situation, and how much I might potentially "lose" if you cancel.

Activity ideas:
I'm a pretty versatile person who enjoys many things!!

Restaurants: I love fancy restaurants, but I'm also happy with
very casual places.

Salmon or sea bass and vegetables are my favorite things to eat at nice

restaurants, but I also like grilled chicken, which you can get almost anywhere. :) 

Casinos: I'm not a gambler, but I love a casino vibe & would love to watch you

play. :)

Concerts: I love music! My concert wish list is long and diverse. Aerosmith,

Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Def Leppard, Lady Gaga, P!nk, Katy Perry, INXS,

Depeche Mode, etc, etc. :)

Strip Clubs: Fun! Let's go in the back room? :)

Inviting another provider or a masseuse to join us: Fun! :)

Spas: Yes!

Boating/Beach time: Yes! Just please help me put on some 100 SPF sunscreen. :)

Amusement parks: I love roller coasters and haunted houses!

Skydiving or bungee jumping: No! Terrifying :) But indoor skydiving simulation

looks fun. :)

I hope this page is helpful. Feel free to contact me for any more questions or


Hope to meet you in your requested city soon! :) :)

​Violetta Michelle