6 feet tall * Age: Upper 30s * Red hair * 36D * Blue eyes * American


5 stars on Priv. Del: "TallViolettaMichelle"

Hello!  :)

I'm Violetta Michelle, currently in St. Louis, MO, with part-time availability. :)

St. Louis and FM2Us are keeping me pretty busy, so I am not sure when I will resume

touring New York City, Chicago, & Washington, D.C.

I miss my NYC/Chi/DC friends A LOT!! :) :) But I just don't have time for full tours right now.

If you are interested in a 6-hour (or longer) meeting for New York City or Chicago, 

I *might* fly myself to you and then schedule a mini-tour around our meeting. Feel free to

email or text me to discuss this. This would have to be scheduled at least a month in advance & would require a reasonable deposit.

​For possible future tour dates, please join my email list, as I publish my tour dates

there first! :)

I REALLY appreciate all the amazing people I meet. THANK YOU!

*I love men and women of all ages, height, weight, race, and abilities. What’s

important is that you are 1) respectful, 2) nice, and 3) CLEAN and smelling

fresh. You can use my shower if you like!

*Outfit requests are welcome. I have a lot more clothes than you see here. :)

But unless we are meeting in STL, please make the requests BEFORE I pack and fly

to our meeting city. :)

*NO DRUGS. I do not judge what people do on their own, but please do not

bring drugs for your time with me.

Violetta Michelle