6 feet tall * Age: Upper 30s * Red hair * 36D * Blue eyes * American


5 stars on Priv. Del: "TallViolettaMichelle"

Hello!  :)

I'm Violetta Michelle, a touring model who frequently visits New York 

Chicago, Washington, D.C, & San Francisco. :)

My home city is a secret. I have a part-time corporate job & many relatives

there. I'm not sure they would approve if they discovered this side of me.... lol

Certain sites (P4, Sxa, Tst) require me to list a home base, so, to maintain my

anonymity, I am forced to list a city that I might not actually be in at the moment.

I apologize for any confusion, but I really hope to see you on my tours &/or

for a Fly Me to You! :)

Up next:
​Washington, D.C.
 March 22-25! :)

​Start time 6pm March 22nd. End time 12:30pm March 25th.

​For other future tour dates, please join my email list, as I publish my tour dates

there first! :)

If my tour dates do not work for you, or if you would like to guarantee that

I tour NYC, Chicago, D.C, or San Francisco while you are there, I may be

able to set a tour around your specified date, with a 5-hour booking (or longer).

I also may be able to travel 45 minutes or so outside of either of these cities for

you, for a 4-hour booking (or longer), plus some extra Lyft/Uber fare. 

I always have such a great time on my tours; I can never wait long to

tour again!!! :) :)

I REALLY appreciate all the amazing people I meet. THANK YOU!

*I love men and women of all ages, height, weight, race, and abilities. What’s

important is that you are 1) respectful, 2) nice, and 3) CLEAN and smelling

fresh. You can use my shower if you like!

*Outfit requests are welcome. I have a lot more clothes than you see here. :)

But please make the requests BEFORE I pack and fly to our meeting city. :)

*NO DRUGS. I do not judge what people do on their own, but please do not

bring drugs for your time with me.

Violetta Michelle