​​Safety Screening:

Please understand that I can't meet a total stranger.
I need to know that you're safe to meet before I can

relax & really show you a good time. :)

Four options to make me feel safe (& excited!!) to meet you (just one is enough):

1) Preferred411.com
Login & send me a message there. My P411 ID is 33199. I will check to see if you have at least a couple OKs from the past year or so.

2) References from at least two independent providers who have a pretty solid internet presence. Please send me their names, websites, & contact info. If a lady doesn't have a website, please send me a link to her ad.

*Please make sure you are using the same email & phone number with me, as you did with her. Or if, for example, you're emailing ME from Bruce123@hotmail.com, but you emailed HER from 456Bruce@gmail.com, please alert me to the discrepancy.

3) If neither of the above options work for you, I will then need to ask for your full name, place of work, & work email address, which I would then very discreetly verify. Rest assured, I will keep this info private, between you & me.

The idea is: If you trust me to tell me your personal info, you probably don't intend to harm me in any way. This makes me feel safe with you.

(Note: This only works if you have a business email address like YourName@CompanyName.com)

I would then email you at your business email address, using an anonymous email address of mine. I would just email you one word, so that it looks like a mistake email. Then you would tell me what the word was, to prove you received the email & are in fact the person you claim to be. :)

4) If you do not have any of the above, please contact me for the fourth option, which will include me asking for your ID & proof of your address. All handled with the utmost discretion, always! :)

(917) 708-2005


You can also try to contact me at

TallRedV@protonmail.com, but I hardly check that anymore. Hushmail is what I check most often. :)

Contact me anytime! :) Text or email, please.

​***Please be discreet on phone and email. If you mention anything explicit, I will no longer be able to see you. We are agreeing to time and companionship only.***

*Please have some
 safety-screening information ready when you first contact me. Please see below for options.

Thank you! Hope to connect with you soon.  :)

Violetta Michelle